What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a specialty of medicine that seeks to heal and restore patients with injury, disfigurement, disease or birth defects.  It includes aesthetic or cosmetic surgery to correct or recontour facial and bodily features not pleasing to the patient.  The word plastic, from the Greek, means molding, or giving form and does not refer to the synthetic plastic materials which are sometimes used.

The following are many of the surgical procedures that plastic surgeons perform:

Face / Neck Lift
Forehead / Brow Lift
Eyelid Surgery
Ear Pinning
Nose Surgery
Cheek / Chin Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Enlargement
Breast Reduction
Tummy Tuck
Laser Resurfacing
Cleft Lip / Palate Repair
Injectable Fillers
Skin Cancer Surgery & Reconstruction